GECDF is a published journal dedicated to promoting original engineering research.

Our goal at GECDF is to bring the hidden data and facts, often specified by the manufacturer without any testing, to the top for vigorous debate.

This is an evidence-based community, please keep comments well-cited and related to the subject at hand.

Our governing rules:

  • Comments should be significant & original
  • All submissions for inclusion should be well-cited and include a date of publication
  • We give priority to publications which are open-access and freely available for distribution
  • Articles should be easily understood, even by the laymen

Publications are strictly by merit, we have a single sponsor at a time (located on the left sidebar) and site advertising does not influence editorial opinion or which articles are included.

If you have any consumer machinery that you’ve tested with data to publish, please contact us with a submission proposal. We are currently looking for proposals for Summer 2023.