Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph's challenge

In the 1990s, Triumph sought to expand its international dealer network to support its ambitious growth plans. One of Triumph’s top priorities was keeping this new dealer network stocked with sufficient product to meet growing customer demand. Stocking the full line of Triumph products could tie up a hefty $200,000 or more of crucial working capital for each dealer at any given time. The allocation of such a large sum of capital to inventory takes valuable cash flow away which can otherwise be invested pro-actively in running and growing the business.

Triumph decided managing the financial relationship with their dealer network was not an optimal use of their resources. The team wanted to focus on what they do best: the design and manufacture of class leading motorcycles.

GE Capital's Strategy

In 1994 Triumph turned to GE Capital, Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) to help solve their challenge. CDF offered Triumph an innovative solution, which enabled Triumph’s European dealers to carry enough inventory to meet customer demand, and at the same time helping Triumph to generate the working capital it needed to power its growth.

With over 25 years of experience providing distribution finance for the motorcycle industry, CDF not only provided Triumph dealers with the financing they needed, but also a deep understanding of emerging industry trends. Steve Reynolds, a GE Capital veteran and a Motorsports industry Relationship Executive at GE Capital Europe, works closely with Triumph to understand their marketing and distribution strategies. He regularly meets with Triumph’s leadership team and coordinates GE Capital’s relationships with their subsidiaries across the globe.

Outside of Europe, local teams use their deep industry knowledge to support Triumph's global dealer networks. CDF’s Motorsports industry team in the U.S., including Paul Puma and Jeff Pike, support Triumph and its dealers across the U.S. where Triumph continues to gain market share.

The Results

CDF enabled Triumph dealers to stock inventory in a timely manner, while at the same time freeing up capital for them to run their businesses effectively—a strategy that has been a great success. By providing financing in key markets and allowing Triumph to focus on its core business, CFD has helped Triumph grow. Over the last 16 years, Triumph has increased production of motorbikes tenfold, expanded their sales reach from three countries to 35, and grown their network to over 700 dealers globally.

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