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About GE Capital, Commercial Distribution Finance
GE Capital, Commercial Distribution Finance provides inventory financing solutions, service and intelligence through in-depth industry expertise and a commitment to our customers. We immerse ourselves in the industries you live in so we can truly be an extension of your team and a partner you can rely on in any economic cycle.

Floor Planning 101

CDF generally facilitates the movement of finished goods inventory and certain account receivable between Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers/Resellers. Being involved in all stages of the distribution cycle means we know what kinds of services will help you keep your business booming.

For Manufacturers/Distributors: Present invoices and get paid for shipped inventory.  Incentivize dealers to stock and sell more inventory by subsidizing extended payment terms.  Avoid the fixed expenses of assuming and processing the dealer credit risk.

For Dealers/Resellers:  Extended payment terms incentivize stocking broader inventory levels to grow sales (100% invoice advance on inventory).

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