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At CDF, we truly are experts in the industries you live in and we love sharing our research and insights with our customers. One way we do this is through Access GE. Through this complementary program, customers enjoy around-the-clock access to proprietary GE tools, market and industry information, including desktop access to They will also have opportunities to attend special webinars and local roundtable discussions.

Access to GE Best Practices

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In some cases, clients will have access to world-renowned GE best practices that can help improve business performance. From leadership development techniques, Lean Six Sigma methodologies or tools for accelerating change, GE management experts will work on site with clients to help them improve and grow their business.

Access GE’s team of seasoned professionals have decades of experience across a multitude of industries.  Coupled with the expertise available from across GE's diverse businesses, our team can provide tremendous value to your business beyond lending.

Learn more about Access GE or contact your account representative for more information.

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